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BrushFighter Apparatus is leading the way in the fire industry. With units in the field from New Mexico to Oklahoma, and Texas to Louisiana and Arkansas, our trucks are out there protecting your communities everyday. offers loads of customer truck pics - to help get the ball rolling when beginning to design your new brush or wildland truck. Then, move to the Model section and learn more about how these rugged vehicles are built. Finally, click on the Builder section and create a spec and 3D model of the new brush truck of your dreams.
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Six years ago a team of engineers, firemen, and industry specialist sat down to design a truck platform that would meet four basic needs:

1) Modular construction - To allow maximum
layout possibilities
2) Dependable and Rugged - Using only quality
components and equipment
3) Sharp Looking - Beyond its functional
capabilities and reliability it looks good
4) Affordable - Our main focus is affordability

From Brush Truck Pics, Brush Trucks Specs, Parts, and Service BrushFighter is here to meet all your departments needs. The Brush Tuck and Wildland Vehicle Dealership that is "Always There."